Deploy FoxIDs in your Azure tenant.

Deploy to Azure

  • Two App Services one for FoxIDs and one for the FoxIDs Control (Client and API). Both App Services is hosted in the same App Service plan.
  • FoxIDs is deployed to the two App Services from the master branch with Kudu. Thereafter, it is possible to manually initiate the Kudu update.
  • Key vault. Secrets are placed in Key vault.
  • Document DB.
  • Redis cache.
  • SendGrid.
  • Application Insights.

After successfully deployment open FoxIDs Control Client (the app service starting with foxidscontrol) which brings you to the master tenant.
The default admin user is: [email protected] with password: FirstAccess!

FoxIDs Control Client - Master tenant

Troubleshooting deployent errors

Sendgrid terms. If you have not already accepted the Sendgrid legal terms for the selected plan in the subscription you will get the error "User failed validation to purchase resources. Error message: 'Legal terms have not been accepted for this item on this subscription: 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX'. To accept legal terms using PowerShell, please use Get-AzureRmMarketplaceTerms and Set-AzureRmMarketplaceTerms API( or deploy via the Azure portal to accept the terms'"

You need to accept the terms either by deploying a Sendgrid instance in Azure portal or with PowerShell. The following PowerShell commands accept the Sendgrid terms for the free plan:

$terms = Get-AzureRmMarketplaceTerms -Publisher 'SendGrid' -Product 'sendgrid_azure' -Name 'free'
Set-AzureRmMarketplaceTerms -Publisher 'SendGrid' -Product 'sendgrid_azure' -Name 'free' -Terms $terms -Accept

Then delete the falling resource groups and redeploy.


Upload risk passwords

You can upload risk passwrods in FoxIDs Control Client master tenant on the Rrisk Passwords tap.

FoxIDs Control Client - Upload risk passwrods

Download the SHA-1 pwned passwords ordered by hash from

Be aware that it takes some time to upload all risk passwords. This step can be omitted and postponed to later.
The risk passwords are uploaded as bulk which has a higher consumption. Please make sure to adjust the Cosmos DB provisioned throughput (e.g. to 4000 RU/s) temporarily.

Add sample configuration to a track

It is possible to run the sample applications after they are configured in a FoxIDs track. The sample configuration can be added with the sample seed tool.

Customize domains

The FoxIDs and FoxIDs Control domain can be customized.
//TODO – how to customize domains

FoxIDs default endpoint or custom a domain like e.g. or
FoxIDs default endpoint or custom a domain like e.g. or